Earth Day Wrap Up

Earth Day Wrap Up 2010_Sami Castillo
Project Name : Earth Day Wrap Up 2010_Sami Castillo
Description : Constructive evaluation of Earth Day participation.
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Describe (in detail) what you presented on EARTH Day. Be sure to describe your "hook," your activity, and your "wrap up" in enough detail that next year's groups will be able to use it and improve upon it.
We began our EARTH Day presentation by casually introducing ourselves to our audience. Next, we started our hook by asking the kids, "How many of you know where your food comes from?" We took various answers from most of the kids and then explained to them that their food actually comes from farms, cattle, chickens, and food crops. To reinforce the information, we provided a visual that showed pictures of all of these things. For the next part of our hook we asked the kids, "How many of you know how far your food has to travel from the farm to your table?" Again, we took various answers from the students, coaxing them to the approximate number as they got closer to the actual number. We concluded our hook by telling them that their food travels an average of 1,500 miles. To reinforce this statement, we showed a map that illustrated how far away 1,500 miles is from Corona. The next part of our presentation focused on explaining the main topics: agriculture, living sustainably, and gardening. We elaborated on each topic, and briefly explained composting as well. After the informative part of the presentation was over, we transitioned into our activitiy. In the activity we had the kids plant a tomato, squash, or zucchini plant in our school's garden. We had the kids volunteer to take part in the activity. We recommend having two kids dig the hole, two kids plant and add compost, and one kid to water the plant. After the activity was over, we wrapped up our presentation by asking the kids a few trivia questions that related to our presentation. We also strongly encouraged them to start growing food in their own gardens at home.
Please describe in detail suggestions you have for improving your presentation if it were to be done in the future.
One of the suggestions I have for improving this presentation if it were to be done in the future is to have more visuals, especially if your audience is younger. Having visuals really reinforced the main ideas of your presentation. In addition, it is fun and creative and grabs the audience's attention. Another suggestion to make the presentation more fun would be to have each student plant his or her own plant, as long as time allows. In addition, I would suggest sending the group home with something that they will remember your presentation by.