Earth Day Wrap Up

Earth Day Wrap-Up 2010_Marco Marquez
Project Name : Earth Day Wrap-Up 2010_Marco Marquez
Description : Constructive evaluation of Earth Day participation.
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Describe (in detail) what you presented on EARTH Day. Be sure to describe your "hook," your activity, and your "wrap up" in enough detail that next year's groups will be able to use it and improve upon it.
On EARTH day, my group took on the task of presenting how to grow local and eat healthy, so simply, that even children could understand. Right off the bat we asked the children some interactive questions, Such as "Do you like vegetables?""How many of you grow your own vegetables", etc. Next, we had several pictures of vegetables in which they could easily identify , which we presented in a game show type manner. Some of these vegetables included, broccoli, radish, corn, carrots, to name a few. Right after that we had shown them a picture of the vegetable that we would later be planting. These vegetables included egglpant, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Then, we asked the children to feel the soil and be "one" with nature. Suddenly, we ask them to plant the vegetable in the premade hole in our school's gardening plot. The children then preceeded to pat down and secure the vegetable in the ground. We also had explained the defintion of composting, recycling, and biodegradable. After that, we conversed with the children and asked them what they had learned. As a token of our presentation we had given the children compostable Dixie cups with carrot, squash, and lettuce to take home and used what they learned to plant it.
Please describe in detail suggestions you have for improving your presentation if it were to be done in the future.
In the future, this presentation could be well enhanced with more interactivity with the kids and also, more space to present as well.