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Geological Timeline Project

Life History Event Timeline

If all of geological time were the number of hours in a standard year (8760 Hours), then the time the events would be is:

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
1 8760 Hours 0
Current Time

Economy continues to dive, poorer people are struggling to fulfill the needs of their families. Our president was recently re-elected, and we're having to work on this project.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
 2 8759.999 Hours 15
We Were Born

Over a course of nine months, Mommy Rash held Little Rash in her second home, also known as the Uterus. Mommy Pedvin held Little Re-nay-nay in her second home too. After many hours of severe pain for the mothers, we were born.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
 3  8759.810 Hours 100,000
The First Homo-Sapiens Appear On The Fossil record

The beginning of a new era of time, one that would lead to rapid growth of technology and the depletion of Earth's resources.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
 4  8685.730 Hours 39 MYA
First Monkeys Appeared

This is the time period where our closest ancestors first appeared on earth. I guess you can say that things went bananas.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
 5  8638.122 Hours 64 MYA
First Ancestors of Dogs and Cats 



Believe it or not, our fluffy companions weren't always as sweet and cuddly as they were now. They used to be vicious beasts that would kill you for food. 

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
6 8617.174 Hours 75 MYA
Description of Events that Affected Life on Earth. Also Include Picture or Videos. 

First Triceratops appear on earth. You wouldn't wanna mess with these guys.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
7 8607.652 Hours 80 MYA
First Dinosaur Eggs Discovered

This was the first evidence that some dinosaurs laid eggs instead of birthing their young.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
8 8541 Hours 115 MYA
First Flowering Plants

 A genetic mutation allowed for colored parts of plants that bloomed into the first flowers.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
9 8470.539 Hours 152 MYA
Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus Appear

 These long-necked dinosaurs evolved around 152 million years ago. Their adaptations allowed for them to reach up to trees and eat the leaves.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
10 8464.826 Hours 155 MYA
First Birds

 Over time, dinosaurs mutated to have wings and beaks, which allowed them to take to the air.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
11 8360.087 Hours 210 MYA
First Turtles
                        Whether turtles were swimming through the water or walking on land, their hard shells protected them from anything that could possible harm them.          
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
12 8339.139 Hours 221 MYA
First Mammals
Mammals have body symmetry and cephalization.
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
13 8302.957 Hours 240 MYA
First Crocodiles
Crocodiles are the only reptiles with two completely divided ventricles.
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
14 8293.435 Hours 245 MYA
95% Of All Species Die Out
A catastrophic event occurred and wiped out 95% of all species and secondary succession must have occurred in order to restore life. 
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago
15 264.870 Hours 260 MYA
Sail Backed Reptiles Appear
The evolution of the sail back lead to greater protection against predators.  


 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
16 8131.565 Hours 330 MYA
First Possible Reptiles
The earliest reptiles that were known to walk the Earth, were small four-legged vertebrates with teeth optimized for eating insects.        
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
17 8064.913 Hours 365 MYA
First Seed Plants
Seeds were developed to protect the plant embryo from unfavorable reproductive conditions.          
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
18 8055.391 Hours 370 MYA
First Sharks

The sharks have rows and rows of teeth that help them catch their food and their fins help them swim around in the water quicker.    
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
19 8045.870 Hours 375 MYA
First Land Animals

 Modified fins allowed animals to walk on land. Animals also developed a new respiratory system that allowed them to breathe without gills.      
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
20 8026.826 Hours 385 MYA
First Insects

At this time, insects first emerged, adding another species onto the planet, one that would continuously grow larger over the years.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
21 7983.026 Hours 408 MYA
Oldest Fossil Evidence of Mosses 

Mosses, often found clinging to various surfaces such as a rock or house, can survive many days without water, aiding in its survival.
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
22 7971.600 Hours 414 MYA
Oldest Lung Fish Fossil

This old fish was believed to be able to 'gulp air', or take it in directly from the atmosphere.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
23 7864.957 Hours 470 MYA
 First Fossil Evidence of Land Plants

With research, the first land plant was supposedly similar to liverwort.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
24 7798.304 Hours 505 MYA
First Fish
Jawless tadpole-like fish are the first fossilized vertebrates.       
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
25 7484.087 Hours
670 MYA
Oldest Marine Worms and Jellyfish

Unlike the soft, gelatinous creatures we have today, jellyfish back then took on a much more frightening form and even had claws and teeth.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
26 5903.478 Hours 1500 MYA
First Multi-Celled Organisms
The first multi-celled organism was a protest.
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
27 4760.870 Hours 2100 MYA
First Fossil Evidence of Cells With a Nucleus

This was a time that the first more complex cells began to form, much like the ones found in most organisms today.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
28 2570.870 Hours 3250 MYA
First Fossil Evidence of Bacteria

Bacteria, supposedly one of the first life forms on earth, which later evolved into more complex forms of life.
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
29 1523.478 Hours 3800 MYA
Oldest Age-Dated Rocks on Earth
 The oldest age-dated rocks on Earth contain fossil of colonial algae.           
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
30 0 Hours 4600 MYA
Earth Formed From a Planetary Nebula

Scientists believe that  Earth was formed a long time ago, when gasses and other matter compacted and clashed together until it became a dense ball of matter that was capable of eventually sustaining life.