Earth Day Wrap Up

Earth Day Wrap-Up 2010_Paul Jefferson
Project Name : Earth Day Wrap-Up 2010_Paul Jefferson
Description : Constructive evaluation of Earth Day participation.
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Describe (in detail) what you presented on EARTH Day. Be sure to describe your "hook," your activity, and your "wrap up" in enough detail that next year's groups will be able to use it and improve upon it.
For our Earth Day presentations, my group offered a lesson on the important topic of recycling and composting. Our hook to grap the attention of the children was to get them engaged from the start. We asked the kids what they knew about recycling and composting. This brought the children into the activity. We also presented "fun facts" these were facts that interested the children in the topic. For our activity we had a recycling activity for the kids. We split the kids up into two groups for the game. Each team was given a bin filled with various cans, papers, and botles. The children's task was to sort the materials into the three seperate areas. The team who did this quickly won and recieved a prize, however everybody recieved a prize. To wrap up the presentation we handed our reminder cards to the children. The cards were distributed to help the kids remember the importance of recycling. After we handed out the cards we tested their listening skills with a verbal review. We reinforced the children's understanding of recycling and composting. We ended the presentation with asking the children if they remember what sustainable living was. If they did not remember we would explain sustainable living and end the lesson.
Please describe in detail suggestions you have for improving your presentation if it were to be done in the future.
If i could do the activity again i would change a few things. First I would put more composting into the presentation. I would possible make the activity on composting. Second I would allow for more time to plan and create the presentation. The whole assignment seemed slightly rushed. Lastly I would attempt to organize the day more efficiently. There a few instance when we didnt have a group to teach to and ended up just sitting at our table.