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Earth Day 2010 Santiago_Kristha Cortez
Project Name : Earth Day 2010 Santiago_Kristha Cortez
Description : Students demonstrate Earth Day presentations to Elementary School Students.
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Which sustainability component will your lesson focus on?
Our lesson focused on eating locally.
What related problem/issue will you present?
When people purchase produce form supermarkets, it takes a myriad of elements to get the food to the store. By planting in your backyard, you can decrease the amount of pollution that is emitted into the environment due to the transportation of groceries. In addition, planting at home will reduce the amount of plastic produced since things that are grown in one's backyard dont need packaging.
What supporting facts characterize the problem?
Carbon dioxide emission have increased substantially in the past years. This is due to people's current reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels.
What solution will you offer?
If people ate locally, then they would be able to eliminate unnecessary pollution.
What action or actions do you want people to take as a result of your lesson?
We wanted people to begin planting herbs and other produce in their own backyards.
Please attach any supporting audio, video, images, files, blogs, links, graphs or other related to the problem or your solution?
Describe (in detail) what you presented on EARTH Day. Be sure to describe your "hook," your activity, and your "wrap up" in enough detail that next year's groups will be able to use it and improve upon it.
hook: we asked them many questions pertaining to food. This got them to think of all the times that they have eaten herbs in the past. In addition, they were able to discover all of the different uses for herbs. Activity: We asked them to mince different kinds of herbs, and once they were done, we asked them to smell them. This showed them how good herbs smelled. Wrap Up: We showed the students how easy planting herbs could be. We did this by planting seeds into egg cartons. Then we gave them all of the basics to gardening. For instance, we told them thaqt sunlight was necessary as well as water.
Please describe in detail suggestions you have for improving your presentation if it were to be done in the future.
In order to improve our presentation, we could work on our timing. Throughout the day, our presentation either ended too early or too late.