Earth Day - Presentation

Earth Day - Presentation 2010_Hannah Palmer
Project Name : Earth Day - Presentation 2010_Hannah Palmer
Description : Students demonstrate Earth Day presentations to Elementary School Students.
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Which sustainability component will your lesson focus on?
My lesson will focus on the component of nutrient recycling.
What related problem/issue will you present?
I will present the issue of excess food and leftovers being sent to landfills, and releasing greenhouse gases.
What supporting facts characterize the problem?
The supporting fact that characterize the problem is the amount of environmental degradation that landfills cause.
What solution will you offer?
The solution I will offer to solve the problem will be vermicomposting, which will reduce the amount of food scraps going into the landfills while producing organic fertilizer.
What action or actions do you want people to take as a result of your lesson?
As a result of my lesson I would like people to reduce the amount of food scraps they throw away, and instead use vermicomposting to break down the food.
Please attach any supporting audio, video, images, files, blogs, links, graphs or other related to the problem or your solution?
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Vermicompost 1
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Describe (in detail) what you presented on EARTH Day. Be sure to describe your "hook," your activity, and your "wrap up" in enough detail that next year's groups will be able to use it and improve upon it.
On EARTH Day this year my group and I presented on vermicomposting. The "hook" we used was to ask the students what they thought vermicomposting was, which seemed to get them interested. After briefly explaining the problems associated with landfills and why throwing your food away was bad, we moved onto showing them our vermicomposting bin. The students were really interested in the bin and we let them feel the organic fertilizer and smell it to show them that it wasn't gross. We then helped them to construct their own mini vermicomposting bins, while teaching them how they could properly maintain the bin. For our wrap up we had the kids answer a series of questions, and whoever answered it right won the bin.
Please describe in detail suggestions you have for improving your presentation if it were to be done in the future.
If this presentation were repeated in the future there are some things that could be changed to make the process run more smoothly. You must make sure that you get the student's full attention at the beginning of the lesson, because it's hard to get it back once you lose it. Make sure to show them the vermicompost bin after you have finished telling them the lesson because they tended to want to spend most of their time looking at it. Don't give out too many worms at once because you may run out towards the end of your presentation. While talking about the problems associated with landfills, be brief and use terms that they will understand. One of the biggest problems we had was keeping the students attention throughout the whole presentation, but we found that if you spend most of your time on the activity you'll keep them interested.